Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a chance for you to consciously experience past lives from your current life's perspective. 

When you heal the unknown you open up your life in amazing ways!

Past Lives and Reincarnation

Our past life memories can teach us about our life patterns, relationships and our lessons. You can unlock people, places, events and emotions of other lifetimes. These events are usually relative to your current lifetime.  This will bring about a sense of peace and clarity towards your own life. 

Having clarity we can make healthier choices and create our future self. 

"One of the most important of life's lessons is to learn independence, to understand freedom. This means independence from attachments, from results, from opinions and from expectations."

Brian L. Weiss

   Psychiatrist, Hypnotherapist & Past Life Author


Is this really true? Did the past life experience really occur? My question to you is, "Does it really matter?" What unfolds in your mind to bring about healing is all that truly matters. This process is subjective. It is not designed to prove the validity of your memories however there are numerous documented cases of children remembering timelines and events that they would have no way of knowing. My own daughter at the age of 2 said something so profound that I asked her how on earth would she know that. She replied, "Because from when I was up in Heaven before I was born Mommy."

There is more to Life than you realize . . .

We are souls having a human experience with a long history of reincarnation. Each time we incarnate we plan the lessons we are here to learn on earth. Through regression we can learn what we came here to know. When we learn the lessons we become the person we were meant to be so that lifetime is complete. If not, we return and repeat them.